Big Narstie Collaborates with RA to Release “Nik Nak”

Big Narstie

“Five jumping out at a time so I’m double tapping that…”

– quote from “Nik Nak”

Both Big Narstie and RA are Brixton artists who are currently making their marks in the entertainment industry. “Nik Nak” is a melodious embodiment of nostalgia that rocks the streets like nothing else has ever done before. The song is a gracious combo of lyrics and visuals that reminds one of the good old Channel U era, and the obvious progress the two singers have made in their respective careers.

Big Narstie has groomed himself to an iconic British artist. He currently runs a TV show titled “Channel 4” and has indulged in several collaborative productions with other prominent artists. His energetic raps and priceless lyrics happen to be the very elements that made him famous and loved by his fans.


Big Narstie-Nik-Nak-Ra

On the other hand, RA gets his musical roots from the Roadside G’s Crew, and has so far been working tirelessly to attain his current position. RA has worked with artists like Rapman, AM & Skengdo, and Fredo, and his rap currently ranks among the most sought in the UK. In fact, his most recent album release ranks among the best music albums released in the UK in 2020. And he contributes largely to the hood rap flows in “Nik Nak” as he blows the minds of fans with his pinpoint lyrical accuracy and flow.

Check out the captivating visuals of “Nik Nak” and leave a comment below.






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