Rizz Illuminated Releases His Latest Hit Song “The Rain”

Rizz Illuminated

“As I roll through my city yeah, there’s kids dying. As I roll through my city yeah, there’s mamas crying. As I roll through this city yeah, there’s people trying…”

– quote from “The Rain”

Spawn directly from greatness Kansas City, Kansas artist Rizz Illuminated aspired to achieve as much and even more than his father. Rizz’s father, popularly known as Vigalantee owns Phatahdat Records, TRUTH Apparel, and a KCKCC-based program known as F.B.O.E. which means Rizz’s pedigree is definitely not to be overlooked.

So far, Rizz’s albums and singles have proven he is prepared to make waves in the industry. Currently ranked among the best young artists in Kansas City and on top of that, he’s got quite a lot of history and uniqueness to offer his fans.

Apart from music, Rizz also has unreserved passion for people. He is currently involved elbow-deep in his most recent project “Light Movement”. The movement encourages people to ditch failure, and pursue their passions by paying attention to the Higher Voice in them. His father’s record label also has a branch with an exclusive vision for the people, by collaborative effort, Rizz and his father are working on Project SafeHouse. They are both building homes for homeless students and young adults.

Rizz Illuminated The Rain


Rizz’s latest release “The Rain” is the lead single from his most recent EP “Slime Land”. The song is a thrilling expression about growing above the pain and turmoil that the inner city youth endure throughout their adolescence. He talks about the senseless murder and violence along with the mentality it spawns from.

Watch the video of “The Rain”, which was directed by Cliffscottfilms, and see for yourself.







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