Kiara Slams Rapid-Fire Bars in “Ape Shyt”


“It ain’t no sex if ain’t no condom & these bum a** ho*s, man they never been a problem…”

– quote from “Ape Shyt”

Up and coming Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Kiara recently released new song “Ape Shyt”, which was produced by IGOT20ONMYBEAT (DaBaby). The hit has been making waves, as it has over 200 spins on the top 5 radio markets in Kansas City, MO, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC.

In “Ape Shyt” Kiara effortlessly slams rapid-fire bars over a bouncy, piano-focused beat. She basically calls out all of the fellas and ladies on their bullshi*, letting them know that they should reconsider their actions when they step to her.

The visual takes place on a colorful graffiti wall as Kiara energetically moves to the knock of beat. Check out “Ape Shyt” and leave comment below.

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