Eva Shaw “SPLASH GOD” ft Just John, Lord Afrixana, & Swagger Rite

Eva Shaw

“Swagger Rite hit ‘em with a click clack, Just John get a ni**a wetter than a ship, call the coast guard…”

– quote from “SPLASH GOD”

Eva Shaw is a Toronto native music producer whose career was birthed in New York after her first release was signed by Calvin Harris in 2013. In addition to her production skills, Eva also tours the world as a prominent DJ, playing next to the likes of Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Avicii and Tiesto. Eva has graced stages with up to 80,000-people audience, and has also energized festivals like the Ultra Miami with her performances.

Since the birth  of her music career, Eva has worked closely with, and produced the remixes of songs by top music artists like Rihanna, Fifth Harmony, Ludacris and Wyclef Jean. She has also gathered over 50 million streams on platforms like Spotify, and has ranked number one on Billboard’s dance chart.

Before she began her record label Mad Fatti, Eva released her songs via global record labels like Sony Records and Spinnin Records. But through her label, she now hopes to develop her career and help other up and coming artists while she ensures all her releases match her musical taste. She’s currently into productions with urban and pop inclinations and is set to rejuvenate the music industry with her unique skills.

In Eva’s latest release “SPLASH GOD”, she merges her indomitable songwriting and production skills with the diverse musical talents of 3 other up and coming artists. She featured Just John, Lord Afrixana and Swagger Rite in the song which she released through her Mad Fatti label.

“SPLASH GOD” fits into the hiphop genre, but sounds absolutely like nothing you’ve ever heard. Eva and her crew sure did some crazy experiments with genre and beats in the song. And all thanks to her experience as a DJ, Eva masterfully upturned “SPLASH GOD” in a unique way.

The song is not only dope for its overwhelming sound combo, its video is also worth the watch. Eva and her crew have proven their capabilities by creating such an exciting visual to match “SPLASH GOD”.

Eva Shaw

All three artists Eva featured in this song are also on their way to becoming music legends. Grammy nominee and Ghana native, Lord Afrixana has worked with and shared stages with artists like Beyonce in her Lion King album. Just John has featured in several radio interviews and magazines like Vice and the Fader. While Swagger  Rite works with Flipp Dinero and performs in Festivals like the CNE and Veld.

Undoubtedly, you won’t deny that everyone of Eva’s crew member in “SPLASH GOD” is highly talented.

Check out “SPLASH GOD” and leave a comment below.







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