Miles Morrison Drops Single “Off White”

Miles Morrison

“Drunk as fu*k up in an Uber it’s a sing-a-long. Why she looking for a rubber, it ain’t even on…”

– quote from “Off White”

Miles Morrison, a Los Angeles-based artist, drops a single from his debut EP “Hollywoodland” called “Off White”.

The song is accompanied by a visual which was inspired by some of Hollywood’s most famous directors. It depicts the struggle and up and downs of being addicted to drugs. The video displays how much power drugs can have over people, how it can take an individual outside of themselves, and the influence that it an has over their entire existence.

Miles said, “I’ve always had a passion for film, I’ve always had a passion for directors like Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino, among others…Hollywood was my thing, even before music. So, I knew once I had an opportunity to get into music videos, I really wanted to implement all of that.”

Miles Morrison-Hollywoodland EP

Born in Fenton, Michigan, Miles looked beyond the boundaries of the midwest. He was inspired by the likes of Eminem and Eddie Vedder. He attended Arizona State University where he endured fascination for drugs and reformed his path and developed a passion for the creative arts. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue music and film. After freestyling at parties and performing at underground gigs, he caught the attention and was later signed to a joint venture between EP Entertainment and Epic Records. He’s been on the rise ever since.

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