$Tragedy$ Releases His Long Awaited Hit Track “Ghost”


“When I be on gold on gold, ballin’ so hard, the coach can never take me out…”

– quote from “Ghost”

Who would have thought a child who was constantly rotated though foster care will one day become a relentless musical entity? $Tragedy$ has significantly conquered the shallowness of his childhood and is currently on his way to unmatchable stardom in the music industry. The Phoenix, Arizona based artist has, among other things, proven to be witty and courageous, and also sets the pace for others with similar backgrounds to follow.

The consistent change of family and environment that stung $Tragedy$ childhood did not stop him from realizing his potential, and working tirelessly to bring it to limelight. The Phoenix hipster began his music inclination quite early in life. In fact, it was during his transition from one foster home to another that he sharpened his musical skill to the best of his abilities. Then, he did everything within his capacity to hone his talents and let everyone around him know that it was his call to decide his fate.

Presently, $Tragedy$ tours his country and sets several stages on musical fire like no artist has done before. His songs and performances gather hundreds of thousands of views and streams from all over the world. Just recently, he’s released a hit song he titled “Ghosts”.

“Ghost” is a typical visual and sound representation of what $Tragedy$’s life and perspectives look like. He sings solo in the single and readily combines hip hop and breath-taking raps. The song is seriously a hit that would in no time, garner millions of fans and viewers for the budding artist.

Watch the official video of “Ghost” and experience a thrilling bout of $Tragedy$’s prowess. Leave a comment below.








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