The Dutchess Unleashes Her Latest Banger “Mange”

The Dutchess

“We got gorillas and we got them shooters, but they do not shoot in the air. My ni**as roll dice, they do not play nice…”

– quote from “Mange”

If there was to be a comprehensive list of artists with grand entrances into the music industry, Portland artist The Dutchess would definitely come first on that list! She’s one of a kind when it comes to hip hop and energetic performances. It is therefore not a surprise that she’s been the focus of a large crowd of audiences from all over the world.

The Dutchess has extremely rare musical talents. She’s got this unique way of captivating and keeping her audience loyal to her. She is excellent when it comes to seizing opportunities to let the world know just how much musical prowess she’s got in her. From clubs and all forms of social gatherings in her hometown, to hit parties in Seattle, The Dutchess remains the high-profile talk of the day. Her songs have also become the favorites of many playlists.

Ever since she won the Seattle Coast2Coast Showcase in 2018, The Dutchess has been feeding the hip hop world with undeniable vibes. And in 2019, when she completely identified herself as a hipster, fans have not been able to get enough of her energy.

To crown it all up, the ever-enthusiastic singer just dropped her latest single “Mange”. The song speaks so much of her readiness to take the music industry to yet another level of unexplainable reality. “Mange” is a song worth listening to because The Dutchess has deliberately infused her streamlined vocal and performance combo in the it. “Mange” currently streams on several music platforms. Check it out and leave a comment below.









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