Nario Da Don Releases Single “Wait For It”

Nario Da Don

“It’s kinda crazy they rather hate you than be supportive. Mo’ bi*ches, tell me I’m thirsty, they say I need some water. They look inside our mouth and instantly see we from Florida…”

– quote from “Wait For It”

Nario Da Don is a Tallahassee, Florida artist whose songs are his medium of communicating with his audience. Nario Da Don is a man of his flows and knows how best to dish rap with soulful vocals and vibrant beats.

Just recently, Nario Da Don released a single from his upcoming “The Kid from Ebony Garden” album. The song is titled “Wait For It”, which was produced by Polish Duo So Special. It is a hip hop track sponsored by the Connie Boy Records label, and directed by Hype the Engineer.

“Wait For It” looks into the artist’s academics, love life, and his experience in the streets. It is a prove that Nario is heading for the top in his musical ambitions.

Check out “Wait For It” and leave a comment below.






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