Gas City Releases Their Latest Song “Your Eyes”

Gas City

“Showed her I’m the one that she needed, she can’t deny it now. Notice that her body was calling, I made it quiet down…”

– quote from “Your Eyes”

When two powerful music lords merge their talents, you can only expect them to produce the strongest melody you can imagine. This is the case with the Colorado based duo Gas City. For one thing, the pair knows how to stir music away from what sounds normal, to extraordinary realms. Their unique productions are always a smooth combination of gracious soul-deep vocals over eccentric rap and tuneful rhythm that are nothing but overwhelming.

Even prior to the formation of the duo, both artists Badd Jackson and Eazy Bleezy have been meticulously carving out their unique niches in various music platforms in Denver. Badd Jackson, the duo’s vocalist, possesses the very voice that sends fans, especially women of all calibre, scrambling to hear him. The emotions and strength embedded in every word he voices are so deep that they are nearly irresistible. So much so that in his latest solo hit “Bandaids Over Bullet Wounds” alongside other songs in which he illustrates matters that relate to the heart, he literally touches the hearts of his fans in a unique way.

Cover Artwork by Eazy Bleezy

On the other hand, Eazy Bleezy, the duo’s emcee, brings in the groundbreaking vibe Gas City‘s songs possess. He looks up to the likes of 2Pac, 8Ball and Nipsey Hussle, and has made significant progress in capturing life into every lyric of his rap. From his time on the streets, to the time he spent in jail, Eazy Bleezy never fails to give his fans fascinating details about his life.

Just recently, Gas City released their lead single “Your Eyes”, and it is mindblowing! The video of the song was shot by Johnny J Visuals, and it depicts the duo’s unusual perspective of love. The song is fully dosed with the legendary talents of both artists and is sure to capture the hearts of listeners. They also release this single in preparation for the debut they look forward to dropping later in summer. The album is set to fully announce the duo to the world, also set the stage for Gas City to go beyond the view of Denver.

Watch the fascinating video of “Your Eyes” and leave a comment below.


Eazy Bleezy

Badd Jackson

Snow Ballin

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