Wavy Jones “Ketch Di Pree” ft. Blvk H3ro, Jeeby Lyricist & Kione Zaire

Wavy Jones

“Tell me how it feel when you smile your heart open, speak your truth…”

– quote from “Ketch Di Pree”

You’ll never miss Wavy Jones’ touch of Jamaican signature in any one of his songs. Wavy Jones is a Jamaican producer whose musical performances have been quite exquisite through the years. He also fuse dancehall, Reggae and R&B. Blending contemporary hip hop with dancehall is Wavy’s way of speaking the music language to his audience.

In his latest release “Ketch Di Pree” Wavy features Blvk H3ro from the Wailers trio, Kione Zaire and Jeeby Lyricist. Their vocal, lyrical and visual contribution to the song is outstanding, and the waterside background is just as perfect as the reggae raps infused in the song.

The energetic track entails refreshing lyrics and rhythms that are soul-reaching. Fans are advised to be full of vigor and wisdom in periods as these. The song is simply Wavy’s way of encouraging and uplifting the people around him. It is yet another musical illustration of the interesting combo of music genres that consistently flow from within the Jamaican borders without as much as an iota of compromise to their original nature.

Check out “Ketch Di Pree” and leave a comment below.






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