6orn Features Geo Fendi in His Latest Hit Song “Ocean”


“Ni***a they know I’m the way. I figured, I figured a way. I just went up to LA, on my way back to the A, was delayed…”

– quote from “Ocean”

Boston native artist, 6orn is out to create another big wave in music again. This time, he has collaborated with Geo Fendi to produce “Ocean”. “Ocean” is a fantastic combo of a whole lot of captivating  sounds and visuals, and there’s nothing lacking from the video about the prominent artist.

And while the ripple effect of the wave caused by 6orn’s 2017 release “Hot Topic” continues to rock the music industry with over 12 million streams, the artist has just dropped another track that is sure to blow your mind – as always.


In this collaboration with Fendi, 6orn showcases his vocal and lyrical prowess like never before. The talents of both artists graciously complement each other to produce a track your eyes and ears would definitely be glued to. The video was produced by CEDES and directed by Pxvcegod Films.

The visual features an excellent combination of jumpy animation to convey the message of both artists in a unique manner.

Fendi is an upcoming artist who just got signed to 6orn’s record label Rich and Fly Records. He also featured in 6orn’s “Play for Keeps” EP from 2019. There’s just so much to explore in the features of this hit track.

Check out “Ocean” and leave a comment below.








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