Mizznekol Drops Latest Hit “Rooftops” ft DJ Sleepybeatz

Mizznekol and DJ Sleepybeatz

“My whole squad keep winning, we gone say what we feel, solid team we gone build, soldiers out in the field…”

– quote from “Rooftops”

Mizznekol is a Kansas City based emcee whose efforts and hard work have got things going the music way in her city. Through her self-owned and self-managed music label The Grind is Real Entertainment, she has been able to pave the way for up and coming Missouri artists. Establishing the label in 2014, and being able to provide a platform to a lot of younger artists wasn’t an entirely cheap feat for Mizznekol. Only her inborn passion for music and the drive she inherited from music models like Remy Ma and Missy Elliott encouraged her to attain such heights.

Right from Mizznekol’s high school sophomore year, her unfeigned passion for rap began expressing itself in her every endeavor. A while later, her dream to become a rap giant materialized into owning a budding record label. Furthermore, being the first among 10 children, Mizznekol learnt responsibility just enough to master the engineering and promotional aspects of music production, hence her growing label.

In her latest release “Rooftops”, the ex marine-turn-emcee features DJ Sleepybeatz. The music video was shot by Five One Visions, and it is yet another illustration of the rapper’s unrelenting zeal to make a name for herself in the hip hop world. She sure would blow minds with her enticing vocal and lyrical advantage.


And what better combo can the rap goddess have than the ever lively DJ Sleepybeatz? Their collaborative approach to both the lyrics and beats of “Rooftops” makes it a song you never want to stop listening to. For one thing, DJ Sleepybeatz knows how best to compliment Mizznekol’s inborn musical prowess to produce a song the rapper’s fans are definitely going to love. Secondly, Mizznekol never has a problem with streamlining her raps with the flow and beats of all her record hits.

Listen to “Rooftops” and leave a comment below.









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