GMB Gunnaman Releases New Track “Gamble”

GMB Gunnaman

“Had to make up my mind and shi*, now I fuc* wit the flyest bi**es, I can put ‘em on flights and shi*, making money ni**a mind ya business…”

– quote from “Gamble”

GMB Gunnaman released a single called “Gamble”. You can definitely vibe to this song, the beat is dope and Gunnaman’s voice and lyrics completes it. In the lyrics, Gunnaman talks about how he started stacking his money by gambling and rolling dice.

This track comes with a dope visual also. It shows Gunnaman gambling with others at a crap table. The video is shown from a pair of dice perspective from time to time. They are always where Gunnaman is, whether that’s at the casino, on the street, or in the pool.

GMB Gunnaman Gamble

After listening to “Gamble”, Gunnaman makes you wonder what else he has in store for us.

Check out “Gamble” and leave a comment below.






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