Nelson EL and New Track “New Era of Time”

Nelson EL

“A mastermind, take you up on a climb, you know the science, see the symbols and signs…”

 – quote from “New Era of Time”

Nelson El is a Kansas born and bred music artist talented in rapping, song writing and motivational speaking. Having witnessed a major transition between two distinct generations, Nelson El also functions as an activist, philosopher, humanitarian, and revolutionary.

As a teenager, Nelson EL was well on his way to finding answers to the numerous questions he had concerning life. At 21, he began to find answers and hence a direction for life. Subsequently, his focus turned towards understanding people, cultures and – ultimately – himself. And with time, his entirety became clear to him, and he came to terms with the need to continue in the path of truth.


Nelson EL New-Era-of-Time

Nelson EL reveals his conversion from a criminal lifestyle to a divine one in 1996. This conversion is clearly evident in a number of his songs such as “Chamber”. In his latest release of “New Era of Time”, he has not also failed to flaunt his allegiance to a life of truth.

Produced in Kansas City, “New Era of Time” is another song of Nelson EL that points to his love for upright living. His easy and effortless flow of words as he strolls the streets of Kansas City in the video indicates his unwithering lifestyle of truth. And for parents who censor what their children watch, there’s no need to censor this song because it speaks for itself in terms of sincerity.

Nelson EL

Nelson EL is also the author of book “The Introduction of the Truth of Life”  where he shares his way of living to inspire others.





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  1. Nelson El Islam Mighty One ☪
    As I listen and learn from your Moorish Master Piece of Music 🎶 … I Am truly Grateful for what you are bringing to this Nation of lost/found Asiatics. U R definitely the Truth on the Manifest! And may Allah be pleased with your work in this Business of Man….. U make me want to come to K C. Ur whole vibration is Mighty. And very compelling. Plz don’t stop what u are doing. As it relates to Uplifting Falling Humanity. If there is anything I can do please don’t hesitate to contact me family. Peace and Paradise King 👑!

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