Usher and Ella Mai “Don’t Waste My Time”

Usher Ella Mai

Article by: A’niya || Photo Credit: Ames Friedman & Toglenn

Usher and Ella Mai’s new music video for their single “Don’t Waste My Time” is a must see! It premiered 11 hours ago and as of now is #7 trending on YouTube. The video is on the same path as the song, which peaked at #6 on the Billboard charts. Usher and Ella Mai’s voices paired together makes for one hell of a song and is impossible for people to not enjoy. Popular features such as Snoop Dogg as a chef and Jermaine Dupri as a DJ made the video even more interesting.

The video starts with Usher going up to a mirror, checking himself and his outfit out for the party he’s about to throw. Right off the back the video has an upbeat feel with the beat and Usher dancing around a beautiful mansion. It depicts high quality food such as shrimp with gold sprinkled over it and other expensive things such as jewelry and a bouquet of flowers, each wrapped with a $100 bill as Usher tastes the food being prepared by Snoop Dogg.

Ella Mai then arrives and her part of the song starts off with her sitting in the backyard while others are partying and swimming in the background. Ella Mai’s outfit also stands out in this video, as she wears an orange and blue outfit and tops it off with a pair of striking sunglasses.

Jimmy Kennedy tries to walk in the party, but is stopped by the bouncer and Usher eventually comes and lets him in. They then go dancing in the living room and the camera shows faces full of smiles and joy. Overall, it looks like the people in the video had a lot of fun while making it.

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