Boslen Releases Banging New Track “LIGHTSPEED”


“Light speed, double up, flippin’, these women entice, me cover up itchin’, some ni**as wanna fight me, run it up step in, I’m moving at high speed…”

– quote from “LIGHTSPEED”

Energetic hip hop Canadian artist Boslen is rapidly making name for himself in the music world, with a fast growing fan base; owing a lot to his abilities as a talented artist.

The young talent who is already a role model to others, has a way of captivating fans from his first lyrics and is doing it again with his newest release.

“LIGHTSPEED” is the first single Boslen released in December off his EP “BLACK LOTUS”. The EP featured tracks like “PRESS”, “DIFFERENT” and many more.

The lyrics for “LIGHTSPEED” talks about how one needs to double up in life regardless of distractions they might face. Sending a motivational message to his fans, he says that although a lot of obstacles might be on the way, there is a need to keep the speed and find our way through.

One thing that fans continue to love about Boslen is how much energy he puts into his words and how they soothe the soul even with the high tempo.

Boslen brings his lyrically ability to play as he presents a track that all his fans can vibe to.

Before releasing “LIGHTSPEED”, Boslen has made waves in the music scene after his single “Eye for an Eye” amassed millions of streams online.

The young artist was born and raised on the outskirts of Vancouver. He was Canada’s top athlete playing for Rugby Canada and got a scholarship to study at the University of Victoria, before a turn of events led him to take up music as an outlet during his fight against depression.


Many years after he turned to music, his skillfulness as a lyricist has come to the forefront. He has also graced the stage with the likes of Young Thug, A$AP Rockly, and Ferg at Vancouver’s most popular hip hop events.

So far, Boslen has successfully produced more than 25 songs with unique sounds on all major media platforms. He has dozens of successful shows and is poised to do more.

Check out “LIGHTSPEED” and leave a comment below.









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