Lacrae Provides Hand-Washing Stations For The Homeless


Photo Credit: The Come Up Show

Lacrae, a three-time Grammy winning Christian rapper, recently took a stand with organization Love Beyond Walls against not only the Coronavirus but sickness in general by providing portable hand-washing stations for the homeless of Atlanta. According to the Georgia Department of Health, there are at least 287 reported cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the state and 10 deaths as of today. The homeless are helpless during this serious outbreak of a virus being spread across the world. By placing 15 hand-washing stations around the city, Lacrae could possibly save lives and prevent tragedies across Atlanta, Georgia.

While being interviewed by WSB-TV 2 Lacrae stated, “When the pandemic hit, I thought, What is the homeless community doing about these warnings?” The stations hold five gallons of water and have soap dispensers, both refillable. They went the extra mile by handing out free sandwiches, drinks and cheeseburgers to the homeless in the area. “The city has shown me so much love, so I wanted to be sure to show it back.” Lacrae said.

If you are interested in looking Lacrae’s career check out his latest song “Set Me Free” ft Yk Orisis.

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