Est Twenty Releases New Single “Swish”

Est Twenty

“Toe tagging on the beat when I’m out for the kill, no lag, I be skirting the whip to the hills…”

– quote from “Swish”

The sensational and once up and coming rapper from Seattle, MC Ripynt, made waves about a decade ago and has stormed back again in the music industry in new light and form.

The veteran singer, now going by Cory Tate has taken a trip down memory lane with a new track “Swish”.

Back in 2006, Mc Ripynt collaborated with FTF from his home town in Everett on a debut mixtape titled “Start From Scratch”.

Today, Ripynt is known as Cory Tate and FTF is now known as Aeon and Savelli. They are now a group called Est Twenty and are doing songs together.

The collaboration over the decade between the Seattle trio have taken a form which have their listeners falling in love with the songs.

Est Twenty makes music that boast of passion, fire, creativity, and love which is only particular to them.

They have produced various kind of music one of which is “The boss fight podcast’ but this year,  they have just released a new single “Swish” off their album “BAD HANDS” that is set to be released on March 18th.

“BAD HANDS” is a project that consist of 21 tracks, including 3 interludes and promises to be a exciting. The album having gone through a lot of supervision by the Est Twenty has finally made its way out as a full debut for the masses. “Swish” is the third single from the album.

Est Twenty

“Swish” is a song that motivates and throws light on how table turns for people and we should always appreciate any situation we find ourselves in. it is a song that is meant for any mind and soul. It can be used to cool the soul that is lost in the problems of life. A person blessed today does not mean he will be tomorrow, and a poor person today can be rich tomorrow.

“Swish” is definitely a jam of inspiration you need right now and a must listen to. Check it out and leave a comment below.

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