Henny Lucas Drops New Song “Wrong Way”

Henny Lucas

“I think we headed down the wrong way…”

– quote from “Wrong Way”

These days, it is not uncommon to find music artists relating their lofty life experiences or regrets in the lyrics and beats of their songs. This undoubtedly  is the case of Henny Lucas, a musician and rapper with origins from Canada. Having grown in an environment where violence and drug abuse were the order of the day, Henny’s life seemingly suffered the same problems.

Lucas happens to be well enlightened in terms of psychological, political or religious knowledge, but he claims that simplicity of style may be all the world needs for a change. And contrary to the high intellectual expectations people have of his productions, Lucas prefers to cause an evolutionary change in people by simply setting the right examples.

Most of Lucas’ songs have seen him express himself through trap and R&B. You’ll also find some inputs that are greatly inspired by genres like Pop, Afro, Regga and romantic R&B. This way, his songs always have life bubbling out of them while he is sufficiently able to get his message across to his audience.

Henny Lucas

Given Lucas’ knowledge, there’s no doubt that he is aware that womanizing and substance abuse is not the productive approach to hip hop. But he chooses to remain nonchalant about radical changes. He prefers to stick with his philosophy of a little change at a time in people.

In his newest release “Wrong Way”, the Worcester native presented his audience with the obvious implications of living life the wrong way. In the song, he harnesses the vast potentials of different genres in collaboration with his powerful word play to deliver a piece that does it all for his fans and listeners alike. Trust me, it’s not a song you’ll come across everyday.

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