SHADNR Drops New Single“925 Freestyle”


“I got the energy, I got the recipe, get on my level now…”

– quote from “925 Freestyle”

Who wouldn’t love a music artist who’s a pro at combining several flows throughout his jam, but never deviates from the life of his beat? This is how Canadian artist SHADNR blows your mind! His beats are miraculously exceptional and can get you high in love with his crystal clear vocals. He’s never had reasons to conceal his voice in the pool of loud beats and effects – there’s sincerely no need for that.

Yeah, fans are going to keep coming to him for more because his word play is just as captivating as his beats. And the fun fact is that SHADNR is an upcoming artist, but he’s already making huge waves in the industry.

In fact, his newest release happens to be the real deal. In the song, he combines old school hip hop with urban rap to openly express himself to the world and share a piece of himself to his fans. In times like this when everyone is recording with several mixes of hiphop, it’s hard to believe that someone would ever place the genre rightly. Surprisingly, SHADNR harnessed the very best of hiphop to balance his purpose. And this alone is enough to keep you glued to the song to the very end.


“925 Freestyle” begins with a very catchy melody of instrumental and then progresses to a mind blowing mix of sounds. You can always trust SHADNR to maintain the life of the track. The track has a perfect production and the tempo and the flow of beats are flawless. You’ve got to brace yourself up for a sensational experience with this song.

Check out “925 Freestyle” where SHADNR showcases his musical superpower in grandeur and leave a comment below.








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