Rebecca Garton Releases “Don’t”

Rebecca Garton

“Don’t get to comfortable, I might just let you go…”

– quote from “Don’t”

There aren’t so many female music artists out there who go deliberate on the kind of genre combo they want their careers to dwell on. But UK artist Rebecca Garton has set her path straight before her. For quite a while now, she has been building her own touch of R&B alongside her personal experiences to enable her to get deep into her audience.

In most of her songs, she stylishly blends her silky, soft voice with urban-laced old school R&B,  leaving her fans completely overwhelmed. Her career efforts have been in collaboration with artists like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Stormzy, and Prgrshn. She’s also a diehard lover of other music genres and her love for music itself goes way beyond the studio.

In a bid to let her audience see the very sincere truth in her lyrics, Rebecca released “Don’t”, which she wrote 24 hours after last year’s Valentine in Los Angeles. At the time of the writing, she was entangled in a toxic relationship and didn’t know how to get out. She later drew strength from the lyrics of the song and courageously broke out of the relationship. Most of her inspiration came from the line “Don’t get too comfortable, I might just let you go” in the song.

Rebecca Garton

She further explains that the song points to the fact that people need to take certain decisions and be firm about them. In her words, people ought not to let others get satisfaction from treating them badly. And she did play the role of a perfect model to her fans who’d appreciate the piece of advice.

Sit tight and wait patiently for her as she is set to launch her latest EP sometime in the year. Meanwhile, get yourself busy with her beautiful video of “Don’t”. You won’t regret it one bit.








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