City the Mask Drops Single “Blap!”

City the Mask

“Surprise, muthafu*** I’m poppin’, but take this hollow tip first!”

– quote from “Blap!”

The streets, they say, always have the best talents.

This is very true for upcoming Florida artist City the Mask, who grew up struggling his way through life. You’d wonder why the talented face is always hidden behind a black mask right? Well he says the mask keeps the memory of his struggles as a youth, right before he found hope in music. He also adds that the veil helps his fans pay greater attention to his words and the intents of his songs rather than the person on camera. He wants to paint the picture of what he has gone through in life so that they’d better understand his music methods.


When it comes to rapping, City the Mask is the bomb! And his lyrics are very pleasant to the ears. He also doesn’t fail to include slices of hip-hop to his songs to make them dope. And as a matter of fact, he is the CEO of Saints and Scars, a fashion line that inspires most of his songs.

Speaking of aggressive rapping, that’s exactly what he gave us in his latest release “Blap!”. Following up his top-charting single “Cartier Harden”, he released “Blap!”. The song has lots of screams and aggression projected in it with a bass sound background in the desert. As he has always affirmed, the lyrics of the song still portrayed the struggle scars in his life. It would also surprise you to know that he personally designed the costume for this video.

City the Mask

Currently, the YouTube video of “Blap!” has more than 250,000 views and a 99% average rating. Trust me, you can’t afford to simply read about this song. Watch it now and leave a comment below.







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