Lil Randy 1300 Pays Tribute to Friend in “No More Sorrow”

Lil Randy 1300

“Angels follow me wherever I go, I don’t wanna see no more sorrow, God knows I’m tired of getting my heart broke…”

– quote from “No More Sorrow”

Buzz making Chicago artist Lil Randy 1300 is keeping the pace with new song release he entitles “No More Sorrow”.

The Major Market Media artist who has been making buzz on the scene with steady song releases in the past year and gained wide recognition with “Mama I Made It”, a remix of R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest” which gained over 1 million views on YouTube, is back with more goodness where that came from.

This time, Lil Randy is delivering originality in an emotional rap track that tells of his sorrows and struggles and paints a clear picture of the unpleasant circumstances that abound in Chicago.

Lil Randy pours his heart out in “No More Sorrow” as he recounts his pain, struggles and heartbreaks that characterizes the life he has lived so far. 

The visual for ““No More Sorrow” is set mostly in a cemetery and while that might initially seem strange, as the video progresses you will realize he had a good reason for choosing that location.

In a tribute to a friend, Randy sings about someone who he loved with all his heart and was not meant to go down while the visuals focus on a tomb with the name “Nick Frank” written on it.

As the video wraps up, Randy pours drink on the grave of his friend whose loss must have prompted the entire video.

From one watch it is easy to tell that this is much more than just another song; it is very much a personal track to Lil Randy and all the feelings he expresses are real.

Check out “No More Sorrow” on YouTube right now and browse other tracks from the fast growing artist while you are at it. Leave a comment below.

Chicago rapper Lil Randy 1300 is one artist to keep your eyes on right now and this is thanks to a stream of amazing releases.







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