Orrin Delivers Futuristic Video “By My Side”


“Cause young boy on his grind, never wait in line…told you all that other shi* is just a waste of time…”

– quote from “By My Side”

Brooklyn artist Orrin is set to take over the hip-hop scene with new track and supernatural themed visual for “By My Side”.

The fast rising artist who made quite a buzz in 2019 after releasing his debut project named after himself gained lots of attention and earned great reviews from XCSS magazine and i-D magazine, who defined his project as “a digital commentary on human’s reliance on technology”.

“By My Side” showcases technicalities and technologies in a creation that is very much unseen and uncommon.

Hinged on Orrin’s claims of being half human and half cyborg, the visual explains the origin of the cyborg and its mandate to save hip-hop and the human race.

While the lyrics for this track takes the form of a story of regular people living life, having fun and making money, Orrin structures it into a supernatural visual experience that takes on a whole new meaning when you see through his lenses.

Apart from the clear cut uniqueness and difference that this track entails, it is also an eclectic mix that showcases Orrin’s limitless imagination and ability that puts him in a league of his own where others cannot come close.

Orrin is beyond doubt a new flavor in the industry with a sound that deconstructs the modern black experience as he combines street wear and technical apparel.

His singles like “KD Freestyle” and “Red Eye” have showcased him as a fast rising phenomenon in the world of digital hip-hop.

Orrin’s works boasts of impactful lyrics and auto-tune melodies that he delivers with so much ease and finesse, building a name and reputation for him.


Enter into the world of vivid creativity and a supernaturally thrilling experience by watching Orrins’s “By My Side” and see for yourself why he is one rapper that will rise above every possible competition. 






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