Daylight Tone Returns with “OnnaWay”

Daylight Tone

“Don’t make me turn up on you goofy a** n***, rolling them swishas…”

– quote from “OnnaWay”

Daylight Tone is back with new music after 6 months hiatus and he titles this one “OnnaWay”.

The Chicago rapper has dropped his new playful trap single produced by Donta and it is one fun track to listen to.

“OnnaWay” is Daylight’s first official single of his anticipated soon to be released EP “SPOTLIGHT” and the track is a mix of fun and high energy.

Tone showcases his lyrical versatility and delivers first hand original style and pace in this energetic track that will get you on your feet and keep you there.

The trap track features melodious flow combined with proficient delivery in a way that makes it fun to listen to. Daylight raps about being on his way to get everything that he wants; the dollars, the cars, the bags and all the accolades.

He also sings about keeping his vision, making it work with his gang and protecting his family. With every confidence, Tone declares that the world is made for him and he’s on his way to making things happen.

From the track, it is easy to tell that although Daylight loves to have fun, he is not letting it come in the way of his success because he has plans and he is determined to see it through.

“OnnaWay” is produced by Tone’s right hand producer Donta and engineer Banks The Genius, and the trio put together a great piece as they have always done.

Daylight Tone has shown overtime his ability to deliver great lyrics with ease and spit bars that resonate through the entire track. He is comfortable with his sound and shows just how good he is with every new track.

Daylight Tone

Look forward to “SPOTLIGHT” from Daylight Tone and check out other works from the artist. Listen to “OnnaWay” right now and leave a comment below.





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