Jake Wil Makes Debut with Valentine Anthem “Love Me”

Jake Wil

“I know that it’s a little sudden, but baby girl when I’m with you I get a feeling like no other. I ain’t tryna hear that you gotta another man at home cause he ain’t with you at the moment …”

– quote from “Love Me”

Talented artist Jake Wil has put together a Valentine’s track he entitles “Love Me” .

The Mississippi artist who has been on the music scene since 2015 is starting the year with a gift for his fans and lovers in the form of a track and music video.

“Love Me”  is Jake’s official debut single and it focuses on expressing love to a partner and letting them know just how special they are. Jake sings to his lady about how she makes him feel and how he would do anything she wants.

Singing about how he is always on the road, Jake promises to make time simply for her because she deserves all of that and more.

With great vocals, rhymes and smooth flow, Wil brings feelings to life with his words as he sings about all the feelings his woman awakes in him and how they are like “nothing he has never felt before”.

An anthem for all the lovers and those who look forward to being in love, “Love Me” is an open emotional track reflecting the emotions behind an amazing relationship and the hopes that it lasts.

The Visual for “Love Me” has Jake in his elements as he sings to his lady, promising to do anything she wants. Directed by Visuals.AF, shots range from a car to a bedroom and an alley way where he sings to a beautiful video vixen who is very much the attention of his love.

Simple and sweet is one way to describe this track and while the video is simple and aesthetically creative; Jake’s vocals and lyrics are sweet and soulful and would get you in the mood from the very beginning.

Although just making his debut track, Jake is no stranger to the industry as he has been horning his sound, working on building a solid foundation for himself and also planning to step into the industry with a mark.

Jake partnered up with his friend and producer Pat Black, also known as “Pat Laced That” and has been putting beautiful quality sounds together since their alliance in 2015.

Jake Wil

Jake currently has a large number of songs just waiting to be released; most of which were inspired by real experiences and the desire to share a part of himself and his memories with fans.

For Jake, doing music comes naturally, with a whole lot of talent in the mix that makes him unique among the rest.

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