Sofila “Little Slice of Heaven”


“I don’t know where we’re going, where we’re heading, you’ll always be my little slice of heaven…”

– quote from  “A Slice of Heaven”

Young talented artist, Sofila has put together an emotional new track she entitles “A Slice of Heaven”.

The college student has a passion in the arts and a very apparent talent for music and she puts her passion together to create this track that is more personal than just another piece of work.

“A Slice of Heaven” is inspired by Sofila’s relationship with her partner Gabriel to commemorate their anniversary. She believes her relationship has been a slice of heaven and she doesn’t fail to put words together to express just how she feels.

Released on February 2nd, Sofila put her emotions into words and gives this heartfelt track because she believes he deserves all the appreciation and love she could muster.

The lyrics of the track is deep and pure as Sofila uses her soulful voice to describe just how much her boo helps her become a better person and find her focus. According to her words, she always wants to follow him, and he is a slice of heaven.

Sofila’s voice resounds and resonates as she carries rhythm, flow and tempo so well you can immediately tell that she is a talent. She has over the years been able to explore and build a sound that is uniquely different.

Sofila focuses on themes such as self-discovery, lust, self-love and heartbreak. Her soundtrack features a transition from a turbulent teenage age into the twenties. Sofila has great songs such as “Sunset Goodness” and “Meet Cute”.

Sofila’s sound excels in slow songs, indie, R&B and even rap. She also has a number of unreleased tracks along the dark R&B genre.

When asked to define her sound, she says “If I were to categorize my sound, I couldn’t as I work as hard as possible to diversify the mood in every track I put out”.

Sofila is a blooming sound that you should definitely catch up on and watch as it evolve.

Check out “A Slice of Heaven” and leave a comment below.






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