Diomer “Work For It” ft Jered Sanders


“Hustle hunnid cause I got a purpose to fulfill. Getting stronger by the daily cause I keep it real…”

– quote from “Work For It”

Creative artist Diomer is back with a piece of motivation in his new track “Work For It” featuring Jered Sanders.

The rap artist, whose multiple talents and genuine message sets him apart from others, is back with passion in his words as he motivates his fans to live purposefully and work hard for the things they want.

“Work For It” is a track packed full of passion, motivation and drive as Diomer pushes the need for everyone to find a purpose and grind hard at that thing they live for.

The eclectic upbeat track boasts of a mix of heavy drums, vibrant vocals, 808’s and an energetic steam of hi-hats as Diomer and Jered jump on the track with words that get you moving before you can even think about it.

As with all the tracks he puts out there, Diomer put “Work For It” together with the intent of arousing a feeling inside of you and creating a deep seated desire to act now and give your all to whatever you are doing.

Jered gives a good delivery on this one as the duo deliver a challenge and motivation all in one, in this track. The “God over Money” artist was a good pick by Diomer, as he stayed true to his reputation for delivering quality punch lines and aggressive flows.

Speaking on the inspiration and message guiding the release of this track, Diomer says “I know a lot of workout songs already exist but I wanted to create one that also addressed how knowing your identity ignites your passion and work ethic.” Talking on the faith and hope that he centers his tracks on, he says “I believe Jesus was a hard worker who gave his all to love us and give us purpose. I wanted to echo that and let people know that he is my hope…”

If you are familiar with “Welcome”, the first EP released by Diomer which got a position on the iTunes Top 200 hip-hop charts shortly after its release, you would understand just how much of an emotional connection he creates and how he is able to get fans deeply involved and hooked unto his lyrics.



Diomer has no doubt improved his sound and delivery over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his desire and ability to deliver positivity to his listeners, encourage the faint hearted and spread joy with every track.

Stream and listen to “Work For It” on all major media platforms and look out for Diomer and Jered Sanders.








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