Badluck Da Killa City Kid “I Don’t Feel Like a Rapper”

Badluck Da Killa City Kid

“If it’s fire, when the soda hit it, it’ll sizzle…”

– quote from “I Don’t Feel Like a Rapper”

Rapper, producer and songwriter Badluck Da Killa City Kid is on top of his game with visuals for “I Don’t Feel Like a Rapper”.

The Kansas City talented artist who is known for his punch lines and killer rhymes, is back with a track that is very much a hard hitting vibe.

Badluck Da Killa City Kid raps about how he doesn’t feel like a rapper as well as how he keeps the standards so high that many can’t reach it. Delivering faced paced lyrics on fast paced and top scale instrumentation, he spells out just why you should put some respect to his name.

Calling out in the chorus about sitting in the corner and not feeling like a rapper, BDKCK actually proves that his rapping abilities are no joke as his deliveries are hard, fast and well worded to carry all the message he delivers with the track.

In the lyrics, he also talks about putting his all into the grind and owning the name and the accolades all by himself.

The visual for “I Don’t Feel Like a Rapper” features BDKCK with his homies, his lady and an expensive ride as he takes us on a rollercoaster of words, punch lines and a whole lot of attitude that passes across just what he aims to.

“I Don’t Feel Like a Rapper” is an upbeat track you can vibe to anywhere and at any time that would leave you feeling like a boss.

Badluck Da Killa City Kid

Badluck Da Killa City Kid has constantly released tracks and albums over the years as an independent rapper.

He has released 7 albums from 2009 till date and we have had the pleasure of listening to his sound evolve into what it is right now.

BDKCK is not slowing down anytime soon and you definitely have to catch up to get more of the vibe and energy he delivers.

Check out “I Don’t Feel Like a Rapper” and leave a comment below.

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