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Poundz Releases Mind-Blowing Video “Smooth Criminal”

“I’m a smooth criminal, no Michael Jackson, all I wanna do is just beat it. Who’s that girl with the largest back? Yo babes, can I grab it and squeeze it?” – quote from “Smooth Criminal” Versatile and multi-talented UK musical sensation Poundz has just released the much-anticipated video for his new song “Smooth Criminal”. This comes after the successful release of his hit-making single “Opp Thot”, which earned him a spot on the Top 40 UK chat. Poundz first posted snippets of the […]

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Cantrell Drops Video for “Understand”

“Poetry, quarter keys, hood floetry, O.E., dark brown, I drew these therapies…” – quote from “Understand” Fast-rising rapper Cantrell has released the visuals for his track “Understand.” This track, which was produced by MiSCHIEF BOY and K33lan, is the last song of his 16-track list from his sophomore EP “DEVIL NEVER EVEN LIVED”. Born and raised in Albany, Georgia, Cantrell was an enthusiastic skater before he developed an undying love for rap music. Cantrell made this video at COLORSXSTUDIOS – […]

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Lipstick Killer

Lipstick Killer Drops New Banger “Replacement Killer”

“Laying down my rule like it’s the first day of school…” – quote from “Replacement Killer” After the successful release of her first musical project “The Black Dahlia”, highly energetic artist Lipstick Killer has returned to the music scene with a new hit single “Replacement Killer”. Lipstick Killer has been consistent in the music industry. She started rapping, writing her songs, and performing at the age of 12. The Pittsburgh, PA born artist moved from her birth city to Atlanta […]

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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don “Cash App” ft Novacain

“Wrecking shit like a crash dummy. B*** you’ll never get the last from me. I’m pulling up, look just to fuck and a bitch will still give me gas money…” – quote from “Cash App” Kansas City artist Dewey Da Don is back again to get our attention and fill our cravings for a raw vibe. Fans are always treated with a west coast vibe coupled with a midwestern flow. Safe to say “Cash App” is indeed a breath of […]

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Focus the Truth

Focus The Truth “GraveDiggaz” ft Kyah Baby & TGIFLY

“More aggression to counter all the depression, elevate my status to great…” – quote from “GraveDiggaz” Focus The Truth teams up with Kyah Baby and TGIFLY in new track “GraveDiggaz”. The New York multi-talented artist is well known for original rap and has often been termed a king when it comes to creating music. Focus The Truth has been making waves as he unites classical hip hop with modern rap to give off a distinguished type of style. Focus the […]

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SHADNR Drops New Single“925 Freestyle”

“I got the energy, I got the recipe, get on my level now…” – quote from “925 Freestyle” Who wouldn’t love a music artist who’s a pro at combining several flows throughout his jam, but never deviates from the life of his beat? This is how Canadian artist SHADNR blows your mind! His beats are miraculously exceptional and can get you high in love with his crystal clear vocals. He’s never had reasons to conceal his voice in the pool […]

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Luh Kel

Luh Kel Unveils Latest Single “Y.O.U.”

“Every time you come around my heart is racing. I’m grinding so hard I gotta make it…” – quote from “Y.O.U.” It is one thing to have begun a music career quite early in life, and it is yet another thing to have a successful record label. This is the case of teenage rapper, Luh Kel. Luh Kel, is a St. Louis, Missouri native who takes to the stage to publicly express his love for R&B. Having begun his music […]

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Rebecca Garton

Rebecca Garton Releases “Don’t”

“Don’t get to comfortable, I might just let you go…” – quote from “Don’t” There aren’t so many female music artists out there who go deliberate on the kind of genre combo they want their careers to dwell on. But UK artist Rebecca Garton has set her path straight before her. For quite a while now, she has been building her own touch of R&B alongside her personal experiences to enable her to get deep into her audience. In most […]

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City the Mask

City the Mask Drops Single “Blap!”

“Surprise, muthafu*** I’m poppin’, but take this hollow tip first!” – quote from “Blap!” The streets, they say, always have the best talents. This is very true for upcoming Florida artist City the Mask, who grew up struggling his way through life. You’d wonder why the talented face is always hidden behind a black mask right? Well he says the mask keeps the memory of his struggles as a youth, right before he found hope in music. He also adds […]

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Tana 10 Birdz

Tana 10 Birdz “Too Many” ft Charlie Vuitton

“Got too many straps, too many traps, too many tatts, got too many racks, too many, to many…” – quote from “Too Many” Denver artist Tana 10 Birdz is back with creative new video “Too Many” featuring Charlie Vuitton. Also known as the “King of Denver Trap Music”, Tana has consistently focused on his music and continued to give us his story with hit after hit. “Too Many” is a vibe track put together by Tana 10 Birdz to celebrate […]

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