Pee Supreme “Studio Flow Freestyle”

Pee Supreme

“I’m dripping’, they lickin’ the pan. They tryna stick to me like sand. I’m that b*** I can’t f*** wit yo’ man…”

– quote from “Studio Flow Freestyle”

Talented Texas rapper Pee Supreme has showcased her lyrical ability in banging freestyle music and video that she calls “Studio Flow Freestyle”.

The fast rising Southern Heat Entertainment artist who is famous for her great lyrical abilities and bold delivery is back with another heavy track packed with attitude.

“Studio Flow Freestyle” is full of rhymes and lyrics delivered in a signature manner that Pee is known and loved for. The artist boasts of just who she is, how strong her game is and why people cannot come close.

Pee Supreme who is a performer and songwriter puts in spirit, confidence and a truck load of attitude in this one making it totally impossible for you to not feel her energy and move to the vibe.

Supreme raps about being a warrior and giving the losers a wide gap as she is set to go beyond heights they can ever dream to reach.

She also brags about never being number two and rhymes about doing it like Beyonce and Rihanna.


Pee Supreme Studio

The visuals for “Studio Flow Freestyle” was shot in different rooms of her studio as she drops it hot from room to room and ends at the recording booth where the video closes off.

Pee’s energy and vibe is tangible as she brings in the mix of sexy, badass and confidence in the mix, as she takes charge of the tracks and holds us up to some high quality delivery.

2019 was a good year for the Houston, Texas artist whose EP “Ready” made waves and garnered wide acclaim for her especially with tracks like “Purpose”, “Code” and “I Am the Bag”.

The artist of many talents has no doubt made a place for herself in the industry and she is not going a step back from delivering top notch tracks and performances that have earned her a place in hip-hop.


For Pee Supreme, music is about sending a strong message and building a platform and we can see her doing both rather successfully.

Check out “Studio Flow Freestyle” now and leave a message below.

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