Sasha Renee Teams Up with Wopsworld in “OTW”

Sasha Renee

“Gotta bad lil’ shorty where I stay, she gotta wait up for me cause I work all day…”

– quote from “OTW”

Talented female rapper and songwriter Sasha Renee is out with visuals for “OTW” featuring Wopsworld.

The award winning Louisville rapper formerly known by the moniker “Young Pebble” has collaborated with talented artist Wopsworld to give us a track that is centered on the hustle and love.

“OTW” which mean “On the Way” talks about all the things artists do every day to make sure they bring in the bag and achieve all they set out for. The artists also raps about their significant others who they want to care and provide for through their hustles.

For Sasha and WopsWorld, leaving their partners at home every day is challenging, but knowing that they have to go out there and be a true breadwinner  just so their lovers can be comfortable and look their best is motivation enough for them.

“OTW” is an anthem for those who have 9 to 5 jobs as well as those who never sleep on the hustle just to make sure they bring the bag in. The grind is worth it when you return home to love at the end of a day’s job.

The visuals for “OTW” open up with Sasha and Wopsworld leaving their partners in the morning and meeting up in the street to get on the day’s work. As they move into the streets and then the club, they rap about just how much their partners mean to them.

Sasha does not fail to showcase her lyrical ability and upscale performance as she drops a verse about being the only one her partner gets down with, and wanting to get back to her at the end of the day so she doesn’t get lonely.

“OTW” is very much a vibe for lovers and hustlers alike and is one track to have on your playlist when you’re “on the way”.

Sasha Renee has gained popularity since she stepped into the industry and the artist has awards to show for her talent and creativity. She released two underground mixtapes “A Proper Introduction” and “Yearned Presence” in 2011 and 2012 respectively and got the support of many hip hop blogs both nationally and internationally.

Sasha Renee

Sasha released her first single “Lost to Love” under Soul to Soul Records and was nominated for a KYMP KAMP award for best female rapper in 2013 and 2014.

Finally claiming a well-deserved title, Sasha Renee won the KUEA award for best female rapper in Kentucky in 2017 and 2018.

In the past years, Sasha has headlined shows in Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Jackson and Miami. She has a huge local fan base within and around Louisville KY and a fast growing national and international fan base.

Sash Renee is one artist that has shown consistency, talent, and just the right amount of attitude to keep us interested as far as her projects are concerned.

Check out “OTW” now and leave a comment below.








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