Tia Carys “Figure Me Out”

Tia Carys

“They ask how many figures, I say figure me out…”

– quote from “Figure Me Out”

UK hip hop artist Tia Carys is starting the New Year with a new challenge in “Figure Me Out”. The artist is following up her widely acclaimed 2019 song “English & Ghana” with this charged and energetic track.

“Figure Me Out” is a statement track that boasts of heady beats, skippy instrumental, atenteben flute and a whole dose of sassiness.

Tia drops a fast paced delivery with a mix of composure and attitude on this one as she goes through lyrics, drops punch lines and sends a message full of confidence, undeniable talent and creativity.

The visuals for “Figure Me Out” open up to a one woman delivery alongside a shadowed dancer as Tia takes over the stage dripping of finesse as she boasts about her hustle that is constantly bringing in the big figures.

Tia takes time to brag about her English & Ghana roots in this track as she spells out the beauties of her mixed race.

A one woman army set to take over every space she has her eyes on, Tia drips of confidence as she

unapologetically delivers her message; and a challenge to those who just can’t “figure her out.”

Tia Carys has definitely come on the hip hop scene knowing just what she wants to say and ready to show us why we must pay attention to her.

Currently on the Independent’s “Ones to watch in 2020” list, the young artist is already loved for her lyrical ability, unique choice of theme, top notch rap style.

Tia Carys

Tia has also gained lots of attention on various online media platforms such as Spotify’s “Hot New Hip Hop” playlist and Music Week’s “Making Waves”. She is also topping the chart on “Greatest Of All Time” Top 25 lists for “Rising Stars and Underground Artists” for the fourth week in a row.

From all indications, Tia Carys is set to take the stage and show everyone just how much she has to offer; and with her large fan base gained from remixing tracks by popular artists such as Drake, Burna Boy, Fredo, Dave and Nafe Smallz on Instagram, she is set to take off with a bang.

Tia is one artist we have our eyes on, as does the entire UK industry as we look forward to more projects from the young talent. Fans can look forward to songs about sexuality, identity and lust from Tia moving on in 2020.

Check out “Figure Me Out” right now and Tia’s other works while you are at it. Leave a comment below.






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