$tevie Newby Releases New Song “Calendar”

Stevie Newby

“She don’t give a f*** if it’s a Uber or a taxi, she gone come and bust for a youngin, get nasty…”

– quote from “Calendar”

$tevie Newby is a boiling pot of many talents! From making beats, to studio engineering, song writing, great vocal performance and lyrical dexterity, he has everything it takes to take the music industry by storm.

On this new song “Calendar”, $tevie Newby once again proves that he is the next big thing in the music space. $tevie Newby produced this track himself, alongside his brother David Vance.

$tevie moved to Denver in 2016 and decided to pursue his musical career with the help of his brother who is a studio engineer and renowned hitmaker. $tevie Newby has been releasing hits after hits, jumping on dope tones produced right in their studio.

$tevie has also released a new album “Better Than Ever Before”. The album is flaming-hot and it’s available across all streaming platforms.

Enjoy the track “Calendar” and leave a comment below.





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