Mass of Man “Fallen Angel” ft Mack Harrison

Mass of Man

“Hi depression, how you been? It’s been a long time, we meet again. I’ve been good, the f*** you been up to though? Lately you look like you’re unstoppable…”

– quote from “Fallen Angel”

Fast-rising musical act Mass of Man is best-known for his physique and for being vocal on societal issues, using his music as a tool of public appeal. Towering as high as seven feet and weighing five hundred and fifty pounds, Mass of Man has crafted his art around singing about depression, bullying, domestic violence and other social vices.

After being bullied while growing up, Mass of Man decided to be vocal about bullying and other forms of human abuse, hence found solace in rapping about the issues that bugged his heart. Mass of Man came into limelight with the song “Victims” where he talked about his experiences in the hands of bullies. The song gained wide traction, as the theme, the lyrics and the emotional images used in the music video were relatable. It became a controversial video, such that while some people embraced the message he had to pass, others had misgivings about it.

In this new single “Fallen Angel” Mass of Man talks about dealing with depression, coming out on the winning side and living a life full of positivity. In the music video, we see Mass of Man having an emotional conversation with depression-depicted rapper Mack Harrison. Just like Mass of Man, Mack Harrison had an ordeal with depression, and he shares the same vision as Mass of Man – the vision of using their experience to speak up against the problem.

Mass of Man

In the video, Mass of Man tries to force “Depression” out of his life, but Depression fights back, just like it does in real life. Released in 2019, this song has gathered millions of views and streams on YouTube and other platforms.







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