Shaun John “Planes & XO” ft Landes Plane

Shaun John

“I always wonder why they hating, probably cause they never made it. Sleeping on me they sedated, face it I can be your motivation…”

– quote from “Planes & XO”

Kansas City artist Shaun John is out with a new single “Planes & XO” featuring Landes. This one is both a celebration of his victories and a message to his women.

“Planes & XO” comes months after Shaun released his successful EP “Blue Face” and is a hot new track that you cannot help but love and vibe to.

Similar to “Blue Face“, “Planes & XO” features melodic rhythm with a major feel of rap and hip hop as Shaun drops tight wordplay, rhymes and smooth delivery alongside Landes Plane.


Opening up the track, Shaun raps about chilling on a plane and sipping champagne while his girl constantly tries to hit up his phone. What starts up as a track about a lady who likes the expensive life and all of the diamonds that come with it. “Planes & XO” moves into Shaun’s struggles and his breakthrough.

For an artist who had it difficult while growing up, living his best life at the moment is very important to him, so he has no apologies sipping champagne thousands of feet up in the air regardless of who might be hating.

Taking time to drop some words for his haters, Shaun tells them to draw motivation from his struggle rather than get angry at his successes.

This track by Shaun and Landes not only celebrates the good life, but inspires everyone to not slack off on the hustle because the hard work pays.

“Planes & XO” is a track with the vibe and flair that makes it an absolute must listen.

“Planes & XO” is currently available on all major media platforms including Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes. Check out this track and leave a comment below.







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