Proper Einstein Delivers “Different Wave”

Proper Einstein

“I be feeling great on a different wave, if you ever see me don’t forget to wave. Don’t do what I used to on a different page, I just peep it out then I separate…”

– “Different Wave”

Groundbreaking singer, songwriter and producer Proper Einstein is opening up the New Year with a new track entitled “Different Wave”.

The renowned indie artist who has been swimming in accolades ever since he appeared on the music scene with his debut single “Late Night” in 2016 is starting the new decade with a bang in the form of this track.

“Different Wave” is a calm serenading song with soothing instrumentals and delivery of very creative lyrics that contain inspiration and motivation. Proper Einstein delivers this vocal track that takes the mind of the listener on a journey through the words he sings and the message he gives.

Singing about how far he has come already, Einstein explores his feelings of accomplishment, motivation and determination. The artist looks forward to how far he still has to go.

“Different Wave” is a reflective track that takes you through the artist’s mind and also puts you in the mood to reflect on your own journey, successes, failures and vision. The artist delivers motivation in his lyrics as he creates rhymes that flow seamlessly into each other until the end of the song.

The visual for “Different Wave” is very simple but colorful and shows Proper Einstein in the midst of different waves that change in pattern and color.

One thing that stands out about Proper Einstein and all of his works, including this one, is his ability to go beyond genre and combine his wide-spanning musical taste to create a track that stands out and is beyond a single tag or definition.

He has often been referred to as a musical genius because of his sound, style and concept that is out of the ordinary and just as interesting as it is unique.

With a growing catalogue of projects and creations, Einstein is living up to all of the accolades he has received such as “prolific” and “refreshingly unpredictable” as he gives us a feel of something uniquely different every time.

With a fast growing fan base of people who are drawn to this artist’s unique style and creativity as well as his thought provoking songs that border on self-reflection, Proper Einstein is a very major influence.

Having collaborated on projects with notable indie talents like Freeyun Flowz and Mikey Barslow, Einstein has not only built experience but also a network of fellow talents who work with him on his musical journey.

Proper Einstein

Proper Einstein has described his relationship with music as one that helps him connect with others through a universal language. In his words “The reason I strive to be a multi-genre genius is so that I can reach all of the earth and let people know that it’s okay to be yourself, it’s okay to be different.”

Proper Einstein’s positivity is one reason we love him and also a reason why you should check out this track.








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