Marcus Levonne Drops First Official Single “Rose Gold”

Marcus Levonne

“Hop in the coupe, take down the roof, yeah yeah…say you wanna rock with Gucci, say you wanna rock that Louie, we gone get this money…”

– quote from “Rose Gold”

New hip hop talent Marcus Levonne has released his creative debut single “Rose Gold”. The California based artist put together the catchy track alongside visuals as he sings about love and success.

“Rose Gold” is Levonne’s first appearance on the music scene and it shows quite the talent and creativity that the artist is set to bring.

The artist sings of making money, celebrating with champagne and getting the heavy brands as he promises Rose Gold to a lady the songs seems to be dedicated to.

The visuals showcase beautiful ladies, expensive cars, fancy home as Marcus and his friends vibe to their plans of making money and impressing his lady with all of the wealth.

One thing that stands out from this debut track is Levonne’s nice vocals as well as his lyrical ability.

While fans might think Marcus actually put the song together for a partner or love interest, the young artist says the girl represents his dreams and Rose and Gold represent his love for music and his success respectively.

From the closing scene and last few lines of the song, you can tell that Marcus realizes that he is just starting up in the pursuit of his dream and he has a long way to go before he can achieve all of his dreams.

Regardless, he is ready for the challenge and is prepared to put in all of his efforts and dedication towards reaching the peak in his career and life in general.

Marcus Levonne Rose Gold2

“Rose Gold” is an introductory track for Marcus and has set the pace for more singles the artist is set to release this year. We also expect an EP from Marcus by summer and we cannot wait to hear more of his sound.

For Marcus Levonne, music has been a passion and talent from the early age of 7 when he first attended violin lessons. After playing for a local band at 7, he continued to work on music alongside his football career and education.

Marcus has worked with OTM Media Inc where he gained more knowledge and experience about the music business and has also worked on songs alongside his football team mate Kenny La Fox who produced this track.

Marcus boasts of soulful R&B sounds as well as a style of music that span through genres like rap, hip-hop, club bangers and west coast vibes.

Talking about dreams and his goal for his music, Marcus says “I believe a part of hi-hop culture has lost touch with its roots and I want to keep some of the old soulful sounds relevant while still adding a fun, upbeat new twist to my music”.

We can’t wait to see more from Marcus in the coming months.

Check out “Rose Gold” and leave a comment below.


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