Tain Releases “Realistic” Ft Jake Wil


“She said she want a real one to hit her from the back. I have her feenin’, like she tried to hit my trap phone…”

– quote from “Realistic”

Fast-rising musical act Tain has released the video of his hit single “Realistic” featuring Jake Wil. The stunning new track and its visuals talk about how being real and true to yourself can get you far, while living a fake life will always land you in a mess. Tain, in his usual deep-meaning wordplay and rhymes bears his mind on the beauty of life, throws punchlines on why we should all be transparent like glass. 

The song is a part of the track list for his upcoming project “Purple TAIN”, which is billed to be released on Good Friday, April 10th 2020. 

The talented singer who was raised in Denver, Colorado started his musical journey in hip-hip in the year 2007, after he and his mother moved to Virginia and Iowa. Having a mother who was a traveling nurse gave Tain the opportunity to travel around the country, and after meeting other talented acts in Virginia, he discovered his passion for hip-hop and began experimenting with wordplay.

Tain joined a local music group called Rich City Screw, and together they performed in clubs, restaurants and musical shows all over Richmond. According to Tain, the first time he performed with the crew at a restaurant, people were impressed by their performance, and for the first time, he experienced what it felt like to be a musician. That positive feedback fueled his passion to continue pursuing his musical career, and inspired him to release an underground song he called “Pull Up to the Club”. In an interview after the release of the track, Tain was quoted to have said “I knew the song was dope, but I didn’t know how much people loved it until I did a show with about fifty to sixty people, and surprisingly, almost all of them knew the lyrics. That was when I knew that this music thing is really something I’m meant to do.”


From that day till now, Tain has continued shutting down shows, performing with great energy and making fans go ecstatic with his mind-blowing musical performances.

This track comes after the release of his other tracks “Man on Man” and “On Track.”

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