City the Mask Releases “Cartier Harden”

City the Mask

“Hit a lick, let the guns speak in tongues. Shooter hot boy, I’m Nick Cannon with the drums…”

– quote from “Cartier Harden”

Fast growing Florida artist City the Mask showcases his lyrical and creative talent again in his track and visuals “Cartier Harden”.

The lyricist, rapper and director has put together an upbeat music video in which he showcases not only his lyrical ability, but his smooth and energetic delivery.

“Cartier Harden” is a total package of top notch lyrics and aggressive trap. City the Mask raps about making the money, balling without stopping and getting to the top of his game.

With creative visuals opening up with a pretty catchy scene that seems to be a robbery, “Cartier Harden” takes us through the grind City the Mask is committed to.

In the song, City boasts about making it big from his hustle, pulling in millions and sitting on top of the whole game. He also has some choice words for those who talk behind his back when they don’t have the guts to face him man to man.

His ability to rhyme words into sentences and verses is also something to be appreciated and admired.

Apart from being good with his music, City the Mask is also a talented designer and he showcases his own customized clothing line Saints & Scars in the music video adding flair, color and variety.


The presence of his mask in the video is constantly a reminder of what he is trying to hide and what he is trying to showcase to the world.

City the Mask Saints-And-Scars-2

Beyond the mask, the talent City brings into the industry is one that gains many accolades. An all-round talent, City possesses lyrical prowess, storytelling ability, hyper-aggressive trap delivery and a classic hip-hop sound.

City the Mask is set to follow “Cartier Harden” with a new single and music video entitled “BLAP!” which is set to drop in January 2020. “BLAP!” will possess some similarities with and is anticipated to be a great track like “Cartier Harden” which already boasts of over 90% positive rating on YouTube and 200k streams on Spotify.

Check out “Cartier Harden” and leave a comment below.


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