Compound Returns with “Yeah” ft. TXNY Warren

“Every boss done had to take a loss. Get back up, dust it off. Ain’t neva been solid, boy ya’ soft…”

– quote from “Yeah”

Multi-talented business manager Compound has returned to the musical scene with another hit single titled “Yeah”. On this track featuring rapper TXNY Warren, Compound is ready to blow your mind once again!

The Madison Wisconsin born artist who started out as a business manager for several artists made his first debut as a musician in October 2019 when he released his debut single “All I’m Talkin”, which featured Jim Jones.  On this new hit single, Compound proves yet again that he is born to do this music game.

On the track “Yeah”, Compound talks about the pain he had to go through to get to the place where he is today. He draws the minds of listeners to the fact that things weren’t all rosy for him in the beginning. He had to work, pay his dues, and strive hard before he became the boss that he is today. As the track says “Every boss had to take a loss.”

He admonishes people to hustle and stop looking at successful people as if they achieved success by some kind of magic.


Compound and TXNY Warren exhibits an undoubtable kind of musical synergy, blending their individual rap styles together to give a dope musical delivery that would keep you glued and entertained.

This song serves as an inspiration to young people who do not know how much effort people had to put into their craft before they achieved success. With this song, Compound tells us that he too had his hard times, he fell at some point, but picked himself up, dusted the dirt off and continued pushing.

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