Roland Page “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”

Roland Page

Roland Sato Page has created a new book bordering on fiction alongside first hand details from personal experiences he has had.

The new author who has lived a pretty interesting life as a St. Louis officer has a story to share with his readers and this is not something you find in the pages of just any book.

“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” is a tale of living on both sides of the law; upholding and breaking it at the same time. For Roland, this terrain is quite familiar as he has lived and experienced them first hand.

Roland sets plots, creates scenes and actions that portray the journey through most of the problems he faced before, during and after his trial. Readers will have direct access into the thoughts and emotions of the writer as he lets a lot of things out in this book.

“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” takes us through the ups and downs of a St. Louis cop’s life, especially dealings related with crime and walking on the wrong side of the law.

For Roland, events surrounding his childhood, family life, and experiences after getting tied up to crime serve as the background for this material. The author puts down his story as a means of finding redemption and getting his side of the story out there.


“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” tells an exciting and emotionally turbulent story with the aim of letting readers know that in the end every action comes with retribution and karma might be late, but never totally absent from the scene.

Standing up to both his virtues and vices, Roland puts together a piece of art that is nothing short of creative and moving.

With support from family, especially his son Yung Ro who is currently his manager for this project, Roland helps everyone see into the events that happened a while back from a different perspective, especially for people in St. Louis who only got one sided information from the media all through his trial.

Page had initially given up on this project after a health crisis after battling Lupus, but his promise to his mother Fumi Karasawa who died along the line pushed him to complete the story. It is difficult to imagine what could have happened if such a novel as this never saw it to publishing.

For someone who had served as a cop and then a tattoo artist well known around St. Louis, losing his hands and eye coordination should have been a major barrier leading to his eventual breakdown. But rather than breaking down, Roland takes his life story and makes it into a thrilling novel that is an absolute must read.

Together with his CEO/rapper son who Roland had previously managed, the new author turns the memoirs he had written during detainment into a novel that is being published in early 2020.

“Eating the Forbidden Fruit” is a tale of crime, retribution and eventual redemption all from the hands of a man who has lived every one of these stages and has come out on the other side.

Look forward to the release of “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” by Roland Sato Page by March 2020 on all major book outlets.

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