Pee Supreme Drops Banging Visuals for “SLIDA” ft Dj Chose

Pee Supreme-Dj Chose

“They be knowing how we coming, they see you, they gone see me. I say bae I’m yo’ reflection, you can see yo’self in me…”

– quote from “SLIDA”

Houston hip-hop/rap talent Pee Supreme delivers a new visual for “SLIDA” featuring Dj Chose. “SLIDA” is from her 2019 EP “Ready” which features other powerful tracks like “I Am the Bag”, “Code” and “Purpose”.

Teaming up with Dj Chose on this one, Supreme delivers verses with all of the finesse and confidence that is always present in her songs. While Dj Chose takes up the chorus delivering enjoyable rhymes, Pee jumps in with well worded and scripted lyrics that portrays the mood with “SLIDA” and send a succinct message across.

Photo Credit: Doug’s Photos

The message behind “SLIDA” is working hard to become that confident and trustworthy person who your lover would want to adore. While Dj Chose gets it off with the male perspective to these things, Pee brings in the female edge balancing things up and creating a track that both male and female can relate to and enjoy.

With the vibe, lyrics, rhymes and synergy between Pee Supreme and Dj Chose, it is easy to see that this is yet another banger from the Southside Houston artist who has taken the city with every track she has released from the “Ready” EP so far.

The creativity and talent Supreme brings to bear in her music is perhaps what has kept her constantly on our lips in the past few months and her songs on our playlists.


Pee Supreme-Dj Chose

A name that encompasses many talents and abilities, Pee Supreme has continued to climb up the ladder as a rapper and songwriter and has made a home for herself in these streets. Growing up in third-ward Houston Southside, a home to many talented rappers, Pee was able to heed her calling into the industry early as she had always admired the rappers who were in the industry at that time.

For Pee Supreme, doing music is much more than putting words and beat together; it entails being able to prove yourself, send a strong message and build a platform for others who would come after.

As a woman in hip-hop, Pee has gone a long way to show that she belongs in the industry and she remains fearless and ready to take up any challenge that comes her way. In her words “You have to definitely be a solid, stand up individual to make a name for yourself here.”

Pee is all of these things and more, which led her to Southern Heat Entertainment where she is currently doing great music and delivering high scale performances from.

Pee Supreme is one talented artist we hope to keep seeing for a very long time. Check out “SLIDA” and leave a Comment below.

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