S1 Releases Visual for New Song “Pirate Swing”


“Hold up, wait, let me talk a lil’ spicy, cause I know that the goldens like me, walk pass me and they mans wanna fight me…”

– quote from “Pirate Swing”

Fast rising West London artist S1 has created quite a wide buzz and sensation with his just released track and video titled “Pirate Swing”. The track boasts of insane flows and hard-hitting lines as S1 shows his strength, creativity and unique sound that makes the track an absolute banger.

S1 has more than proven with this track that his talent and vibe is no joke; he infuses hard hitting lyrics with an upbeat delivery, as well as fast paced lyrics.

“Pirate Swing” is energetic, lively and somewhat dominant as S1 puts in all of the aggression and authority in the lines he spits on top drill instrumentation that give no room for slowing down.

S1 has made his debut with “Pirate Swing” ever since he signed into Disturbing London and this has further accentuated him in the industry.

The visuals for “Pirate Swing” contains fast cutting shots that features pirate themed settings as S1 waves a flag about and drop hot lines on the fast paced beats. His delivery is full of character and it is something you totally want to hear.

S1 has spoken about his forthcoming mixtape release, which we have anticipated for a long time. He has lots of plans and expectations for this track because according to him, “It is the first set of songs that people are going to hear and judge me as an artist. So I’m going to make sure it is perfect.”


S1’s energy and talent cannot be appreciated without looking at his upbringing in the industry; he was brought up amongst American and UK artists that revolutionized the rap scene including Giggs, Sneakbo and Cashtastic. It is no surprise how S1 is now set to revolutionize the next decade with his tracks and upcoming projects.

The determination, hard work, purpose and fearless pursuit of his career is something we love and appreciate about the artist. From his previous single “Fake Love”, we saw him assert himself with creative and melodious delivery and even more so with this new track.

For S1, music is about expressing himself and getting his truth heard; his music is an outlet for him to share his experiences, feelings and opinions as we get a grasp of all he has gone through. In his words “I make music to relate to everyone in my culture and to help people understand where they’re coming from. The main thing is to embrace everything about yourself.”

S1 is definitely an artist you should look out for. Check out the visual for “Pirate Swing” and leave a Comment below.

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