Trillary Banks is Back with visuals for “Killi”

Trillary Banks

“Trillary’s eating. Ask about me on the streets, I’m about to green like a vegan. F*** the sauce, I’m the seasoning…”

– quote from “Killi” Leicester born MC and rapper Trillary Banks is back with visuals for a successful track off her “Vote 4 Trillary” project and it is titled “Killi”.

The track is a favorite of many fans and the visuals are lit, creative and pretty moody.

The visual directed by Joshua Griffiths showcases very positive energy as Banks wreaks havoc at night time alongside her ladies who seemed obviously part of the gang.

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Banks and her unruly supporters hit the street to disrupt as she announces her skill and how she is underrated in the scene, which is a great mistake especially seeing the quality she delivers.

“Killi” is mostly a statement by Trillary who is fast rising and bringing in a whole new attitude and creativity to the industry. She switches it up totally in this one, giving us something different from her very popular dancehall anthems, delivering a track and visual that is sort of a wake up call to both fans and competitors.

In the past few years we have seen different sides to the talented song writer and rapper who has evolved in her style and sound overtime to become an artist to reckon with.

Trillary Banks grew up listening to grime and UK rap and began writing her own music at the early age of 11. The versatile artist who stays true to her Jamaican roots has a very vibrant talent in dancehall music, but that does not stop her from keeping it real and topping the bar even when it comes to rap.

Trillary has a talent that is very well sorted and she does a good job of making it work both ways. Naturally, it would be difficult to correlate these talents especially for females in the industry, but she does it just right and she shines as a result.

For those who had not been familiar with the lyrical prowess of Trillary, her latest 2019 album “Vote 4 Trillary” is a very clear example of the talent she carries.


“Vote 4 Trillary” is already a pretty successful project and a track from the album “Get the Strap” has been featured on the official Fifa 20 Soundtrack.

Trillary Banks is a voice and talent in the industry that you should be following now. Check out the visuals for “Killi” and leave a Comment below.

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