Focus The Truth “We All In” ft Styles P

Focus The Truth

“Got a chip on my shoulder there’s something to prove, let my nuts hang like it’s nothing to lose, made my own path now I’m stuck in these shoes…”

– quote from “We All In”

Talented New York artist and lyricist Focus The Truth is focusing on hard work and cooperation in his new track “We All In”.

Focus features legendary artist Styles P on this one and he delivers top notch lyrics and rhymes in the track that’s all about proving yourself, bringing in the cash, and winning in whatever you do.

“We All In” tells a story of a person who walks fearlessly, having something to prove, which in this situation is success. Focus and Styles P raps about making the money, getting the good stuff and coming together to win life’s game which is the ultimate struggle.

The opening lyrics best tells the story of many people both within the industry and in an every day setting who are driven by success and the desire to prove themselves.

The duo bring the song to life with very compactible delivery and rhymes that roll into each other as the upbeat instrumentation sets the stage for yet another creative piece of art.

Set up in a neighborhood and supermarket in Queens, Styles P and Focus The Truth alongside the members of their crew who they describe as a “tight circle” roll together, drinking and having fun in front of the block.

For Focus The Truth, he doesn’t want to brag, all he cares about is bringing in the bag, the Porsche and the Jag and he is taking his circle along on this mission as they get the money together.


Focus has been known and loved by his fans for his ability to bring a new flair to hip-hop and rap. He creatively brings the classic hip-hop spirit of yesteryears together with modern rap to give us a taste of something creative and unique.

The journey into the music industry was one of passion for Focus who started as an MC at the early age of 14 and put his love for visuals and creative arts into creating lyricism that very much stand out as unique and creative.

From poetry writing and battle rapping, Focus the Truth developed his talent and career into the artist he is now, who we love and always want to see more of.

For Focus, lyrics are a means of delivering meaningful messages rather than dwelling on unimportant tales and the promotion of stereotypical messages like we often find in the industry.

Focus The Truth

“We All In” is produced by GeeKey and the visual is shot and edited by Qasquait.

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