Snubbs Drops New Video for “Stepdad”


“She hit me in my DM saying Snubbs I’m feeling lonely. I thought it was a prank until she really pulled up on me…”

– quote from “Stepdad”

New York City artist Snubbs is painting a pretty interesting picture with his new track “Stepdad” and it’s about becoming a stepdad to his ex-girlfriends.

The young artist unapologetically informs his ex that her mother is up on his case because of his track record.

In a vibrant, upbeat track, Snubbs uses catchy lyrics to deliver the tale of his intimate relationship with his ex-girlfriend’s mother and how she hits him up in the DM asking for a piece of him.

Without sparing words, Snubbs delivers the details of all the dirty things that go down between them as he taunts his ex about becoming her stepdad.

There is a pretty popular saying among the ladies that if a guy misbehaves, marry his dad and become his step mother; but Snubbs chooses to bang his ex’s mother instead just because he can.

From the lyrics Snubb delivers, it gets pretty naughty between himself and the mother of his ex, but what does he care?

With very creative lyrics, he tells us what goes down between them and he compares her to a chocolate cake that he couldn’t help but take a slice of.

In addition to creative and well worded lyrics, the visuals for “Stepdad” is shot in Snubbs’ hometown of Harlem and shows the artist hanging out with his homies who he tells the story of his ex’s mother and their pretty steamy arrangement. Also featuring a black and white basketball scene, Snubbs raps about knowing how to shoot his shot, but with a hint that he means something entirely different.

Melodic flow, creative rhyming and great lyricism are the major features of this song that stands out as the artist showcases his fast growing talent.

Starting his career at the early age of 16 with his twerk song “Throw That Bacc” which went viral, Snubbs has grown in his sound and talent with an increasing number of following and large support from fans in Harlem/Uptown and Bronx communities.

As he matured in age and gained experiences, so did his talent and sound mature. Life has given Snubbs a unique story to tell and he does that well with his lyrics and melody. His roots and history with Harlem/Uptown and Bronx underground communities also influence the messages and style he delivers in his projects.


“Stepdad” is a part of Snubbs 3 track project “Marlem” which he worked on with his producer Mike Nasty. It is currently out for watching and streaming on YouTube and other media platforms. Check it out and leave a Comment below.


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