Benjamin A.D Tells a Tale of the Nightlife in “Backseat Driving”

Benjamin A.D

“You should stay at home if you ain’t trynna spend nothing, splash out we go, stacks be flying, heading home again, backseat driving…”

– quote from “Backseat Driving”

Talented South London artist Benjamin A.D is out of the studio with a track that showcases the night life, transit and fun times that all happen in the back of a car. “Backseat Driving” paints a picture of the journey we undertake at different times as well as the beauty in the process of going after new things and new destinations.

Benjamin A.D raps about going around town in the backseat of his car either with different ladies or his real g’s as they go through the town having fun, drinking and enjoying themselves.

Beginning at Morley’s, B.A.D sets out on a ride in the early hours of the evening and continues the tour long into the night as he moves through South London, taking us along on his journey around the city.

As B.A.D lounges in the backseat of his ride, the visuals alternate between different ladies and his friends who he is spending good times with.

The chorus of “Backseat Driving” tells you that Benjamin A.D is very much ready to enjoy the ride and he doesn’t have time for people who don’t want to have a good time.

In the words of the artist himself “Backseat driving tells the story of nightlife, having fun to and from destinations, be it from one of the mandems’ spots in the ends of a house party or a rave.”

For Benjamin, this track is an avenue to speak about the thoughts and feelings happening to and from a motive.

The third track in a row this year after “When It Don’t Make Sense” and “Check In”, “Backseat Driving” further expresses the talent and creativity of this artist who stands out in terms of lyricism, vocal prowess, and delivery.

From what we have seen from B.A.D in the past few years suffice to say that the artist has grown and evolved in the industry as well as with his personal talent. After a bad first attempt at music, which pushed him into studying Sound Design at the University, Benjamin gave it another shot after taking time to listen to music, develop his creativity, and grow in knowledge of the intricacies of music. He began to record his own music and eventually paired up to music with a friend who uploaded a track on SoundCloud and led B.A.D to his first manager. The rest has been a process as Benjamin is finding footing in the industry and blessing us with his unique sound and lyricism.

Benjamin A.D

Benjamin sees his songs as a capsule of the moment he is in as well as a definition of the person he is at a certain time. His songs are a made to reflect his feelings and position at different times and he hopes that people see it that way as well.

Check out “Backseat Driving” and leave a comment below.

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