Dewey Da Don “Lay Low” ft Roblo DaStar

Dewey Da Don

“The money train had the pack and I was on the plane. With 20 thou I bounce out I’m f*** up the game…”

– quote from “Lay Low”

Kansas City artist Dewey Da Don has teamed up with Roblo DaStar to create a gangster jam and they call this one “Lay Low”.

Keeping the streets hot and everyone on their feet, Dewey is up on his rap game again as he spits lyrics about pulling in the big bucks, riding out in fame while calling on others to lay low.

Lay low and remain humble is the central message of this upbeat rap track with vibrant and quick paced delivery backed by a classic midwest infused sound.

Dewey delivers street knowledge, motivation and advice all in this track as he sends a message about getting a legitimate business, maintaining a good work ethic and also striving hard for success. “Lay Low” is a message to be calm, stay collected even under pressure and work hard at your hustle.

Together with Roblo DaStar, Dewey shares what he sees as being true to the hustle and the culture while staying away from negativity and temptations.

For people in the street, on the hustle and those getting their grind on, “Lay Low” is inspiration, vibe and motivation all in one. It is a tune to get you hyped and helps you focus on what is right and what really matters when faced with so many wrongs.

From experience, “Lay Low” must mean something personal to Dewey who lost his dad to the feds for 10 years due to the streets. The realization that he had to do things differently came from this incident and it coincided with the awakening of his passion for music and he just knew he had to do things the right way.

While others were misled and negatively influenced by the streets, Da Don chose to draw positive influence and energy from it: shaping him into the individual and talent that he is today.

Dewey has become a mentor and a positive influence to people in the street as he creates music that helps you feel his struggle, understand where he is coming from and also realize that even in the streets lie greatness and multiple other possibilities. Music is Dewey’s way of coping with pain and hardship and he shares that therapy with his fans.

Dewey Da Don

“Lay Low”, a track from Dewey Da Don’s latest project “BlackTop Baby” is a reintroduction back into the scene as well as a display of the talent and experience he has garnered over time.

“BlackTop Baby” features a number of talents including Dee Rogers, Rich The Factor, Santana Fox, Roblo DaStar and a few others.  “Lay Low” is currently Dewey’s second most streamed track from this project and it definitely tells you that the fans are getting what they want to hear.

Check out “Lay Low” now and leave a comment.

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