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Dewey Da Don

Dewey Da Don Releases Visuals for “Live Long”

“I’m in and out the streets, I wonder will I live long, ni*** gotta hustle, Imma hustle till my time gone. Smoking on this blunt, tryna get my mind blown, knowing when I’m gone, through my songs imma carry on…” – quote from “Live Long” Dewey Da Don is back with another street anthem and he raps about the hustle and leaving legacies in this one. The Kansas City artist who has been making back to back song releases from […]

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Muva Dame

Muva Dame Is All About Girl Power in “Girl Code”

“Love is contagious, I can’t handle it. Don’t want it, just take it. My Heart’s prone to breaking…” – quote from “Girl Code” Up and coming Atlanta based singer and songwriter Muva Dame is out with a lovely track she dedicates to the ladies and this is all about handling yourself in a challenging relationship. The 24 year old artist put together this R&B track to tell a story of a complicated relationship and a lady who wants out of […]

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Roland Page

Roland Page “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”

Roland Sato Page has created a new book bordering on fiction alongside first hand details from personal experiences he has had. The new author who has lived a pretty interesting life as a St. Louis officer has a story to share with his readers and this is not something you find in the pages of just any book. “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” is a tale of living on both sides of the law; upholding and breaking it at the same […]

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PTD Brazy

PTD Brazy is Back with “It’s Up”

“Ain’t got no love for a n*** who’s disloyal…told my daughter ‘fore I leave this earth I gotta spoil ya…” – quote from “It’s Up” Westside Atlanta artist PTD Brazy just released a new visual for “It’s Up”. The rising artist who has steadily been dropping music without pausing to take a breather is back and his work speaks volumes. Off his mixtape that boasts of many great tracks, Brazy delivers a message for bad energy and haters in this […]

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Sophia Haz3

Sophia Haz3 Delivers Motivation in “My Own”

“I’ve been on the grind tryin’ to get mine. Moving my weight, don’t need a co-sign. Thought you be in the picture when it came time, but it ain’t how the stars align, had to get it on my own…” – quote from “My Own” Columbian American artist Sophia Haz3 is back with brand new visuals and this time the message is on getting it done for yourself. The Bay area artist puts lyrics together in “My Own” to describe […]

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Damez Releases New Single “Big Mood”

“Walk in this hoe and I feel like Pharrell, it might be the fit. They know I’m on fire, I’m giving ’em hell, I burn through a zip…” – quote from “Big Mood” Talented Atlanta, GA rapper, musician and songwriter Damez has created a whole new mood in the form of a track and he perfectly names it “Big Mood”. The fast rising artist in the hip-hop and black LGBT community has created what is likely to be his next billboard track after […]

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Pee Supreme-Dj Chose

Pee Supreme Drops Banging Visuals for “SLIDA” ft Dj Chose

“They be knowing how we coming, they see you, they gone see me. I say bae I’m yo’ reflection, you can see yo’self in me…” – quote from “SLIDA” Houston hip-hop/rap talent Pee Supreme delivers a new visual for “SLIDA” featuring Dj Chose. “SLIDA” is from her 2019 EP “Ready” which features other powerful tracks like “I Am the Bag”, “Code” and “Purpose”. Teaming up with Dj Chose on this one, Supreme delivers verses with all of the finesse and […]

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PTD Brazy

PTD Brazy Teams Up with Bloody Jay in “Waffle House”

“Tryna hit my phone, what we talkin’ bout? Ain’t talkin’ bout shi*, but I’m tryna go and bring them choppas out…” – quote from “Waffle House” Atlanta, GA artist PTD Brazy is back with a new track “Waffle House” off his latest project “Sacrifice” the mixtape. The West side artist who is a new member of 367 Ent. is getting it hot on bad friends, bad energy and haters in this new song as he teams up with Bloody Jay. […]

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Audrey Ends the Year with “Comic Sans” ft Jack Harlow

“I make breakfast for all my pretty foes and my boyfriend look like DiCaprio. I could strike a pose for ya poster bro, get the angle right tho…” – quote from “Comic Sans” Korean-American artist Audrey is back with a stylish new track “Comic Sans” featuring St. Louis rapper Jack Harlow. The New Jersey artist who is still reeling from the accolades in her previous song “Paper” is doing something pretty fun and upbeat with this track and it is […]

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Tray Haggerty

Tray Haggerty Delivers “Drop The Pin”

Los Angeles based artist Tray Haggerty is back with another single “Drop The Pin” and this one is about his woman and all that he would do for her. The rising talent who dropped his debut project “Broke Roses” in November last year and set many online platforms on fire with over 100k views in less than a week has continued to make buzz with his music ever since. His debut also brought to light a couple of tracks he […]

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